BluFly Matrix Launches the Second Version of Ghost Hunter App

Ghost Hunter App empowers users to detect and communicate with spirits.

United States, 10th May 2024 – BluFly Matrix proudly unveils the second version of its highly popular app “Ghost Hunter 2 EMF/EVP Detector.” The application integrates Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) technology and Electromagnetic Field (EMF) detection, converting contemporary smartphones into an effective instrument for identifying and interacting with supernatural entities.

Religious literature and ancient books describe interactions with spirits and otherworldly forces and frequently offer strategies for interacting with or battling them. Ghost Hunter 2″ improves users’ capacity to identify and evaluate paranormal activity by utilizing the advanced sensors found in modern smartphones, drawing on this rich heritage.

With major improvements over its predecessor, “Ghost Hunter 2” offers a more efficient and straightforward user experience. The app’s sophisticated algorithm increases smartphone microphone sensitivity to pick up faint, frequently missed sounds that could be spectral transmissions. With the use of powerful analysis tools, users can verify paranormal happenings and find abnormalities in these recordings by varying playback speeds and applying sophisticated graphing features.

One of the Features of this APP that stands out among/s the rest is the ability to record and ask questions without direct interactions with the spirit world – The user basically puts their smartphone in the Attic or Cellar or whatever room/s is being affected and literally goes to sleep – the APP will do all the rest of the work; the phone will ask all the questions that are needed by the user.

The Ghost Hunter 2 APP utilizes the latest technology & provides better capabilities of capturing phenomena in comparison to other APPS in the Markets today. The Ghost Hunter 2 APP comes with several unique features like its super sensitivity By-Directional Echo Voice Recorder & Pinch To Zoom EMF Graph.

There are two modules (EMF & Voice Recorder) that are being utilized on the phone that provide better possibilities to capture phenomena on your smartphone…both modes use special graphs – EMF graph can be pinched to Zoom in and OUT.

There are two modes of operation – Direct Live Mode (On the FLY) Interaction, which is used when out and about on field investigations, and also Autonomous Mode, which gives the user the ability to ask questions automatically using their smartphone.

With its broad usability guaranteed, “Ghost Hunter 2” is ideal for both novice and seasoned investigators. The sole restriction on the application’s extensive recording capabilities is the phone’s storage capacity. It also has cutting-edge sharing features that make it easier for users to collaborate, share results, and easily corroborate evidence.

A BluFly Matrix spokesman stated, “Our objective with ‘Ghost Hunter 2’ was to democratize paranormal investigation technology.” We have enabled everyone to have access to high-level paranormal detection by leveraging the hidden powers of smartphones. This program is useful for both thrill-seekers and those who are committed to conducting scientific research on paranormal events.”

“Ghost Hunter 2 EMF/EVP Detector” is now available at no cost on the Google Play Store. Its cutting-edge technology and user-focused design promise to pave new paths in the investigation and documentation of the paranormal.

Download the “Ghost Hunter 2 EMF/EVP Detector” app on Android devices via the Play Store.

To explore the apps by BluFly Matrix visit its official Google Play Store page.

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